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In A Period Of Rebirth And Restoration Of Traditional...

In a period of rebirth and restoration of traditional speculation into something completely new, Filippo Brunelleschi flourished as an uplifting architect. He joined Romanesque conventions, with the advanced age Renaissance intuition to make another and characterized style of design. One of Brunelleschi s most powerful works, the Pazzi Chapel, plainly delineated Roman impact on engineering amid the Renaissance. The Pazzi Chapel general plan was impacted by Brunelleschi s investigation of building outlines in Rome, geometric designing, and elaborate components, for example, sections, the significance of light, and curves. The considerable planner of the Renaissance would live on being known as the man who restored Roman style in†¦show more content†¦ (Stokstad 606) Brunelleschi s failure at losing the baptistery commission may represent his choice to focus his gifts on design rather than model, however true fundamental life experiences is inadequate due to subtlety of his lif e. ( the extravagant artist kept on chiseling, yet design was the predominant string in his expert profession.) Considering this, it was unexplained Brunelleschi s sudden move from his preparation in the Gothic or medieval way to the new compositional style. Perhaps it was essentially motivated by his surroundings, since it was in this period (1402-1404) that Brunelleschi and his great companion and stone carver Donatello purportedly went by Rome to concentrate the old remains. Donatello, nine years Brunelleschi s lesser, had additionally prepared to be a goldsmith. After Brunelleschi’s preparation, he eventually worked in Lorenzo Ghiberti s studio. In times past, journalists and logicians had talked about the greatness and decay of old Rome, yet it appears that until Brunelleschi and Donatello made their journey, nobody had concentrated the physical nearness of Rome s remnants in detail. In spite of the fact that Donatello remained a stone worker, the outing appears to h ave profoundly affected Brunelleschi, and he turned firmly and convincingly to architecture over the next decade. Committed to Santa Maria del Fiore, â€Å"Lady of theShow MoreRelatedAnglo-Saxon Heroic Poetry5673 Words   |  23 PagesGermanic society. The traditional epics (also called primary epics or folk epics) were shaped by a literary artist from historical and legendary materials which had developed out of the oral traditions of his nation during a period of expansion and warfare. To this group are ascribed the Iliad and Odyssey of the Greek Homer, and the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf . The literary or secondary epics were composed by sophisticated craftsmen in deliberate imitation of the traditional form. One such exampleRead MorePestel analysis of Thailand Essay4610 Words   |  19 Pagesserve as a building pole or even the city pillar, or the main pole of a royal residence, and it is used for the top of the royal baton of the supreme commander and on the top of royally granted regimental standards. The pods are components of traditional herbal medicines from ancient times. Moreover, the yellow flowers signify Buddhism, and yellow is regarded as the royal color, as well. The national flower is featured as a thick cluster of the golden blooms, with green leaves. PESTLE ANALYSISRead MoreSociology and Other Sciences7090 Words   |  29 Pagesissues: 1. How did religion contribute to the maintenance of social order? 2. What was the relationship between religion and capitalist society? These two issues were typically combined in the argument that industrial capitalism would undermine traditional religious commitment and thereby threaten the cohesion of society. More recently the subject has been narrowly defined as the study of religious institutions. In his article, The Origin Of Beliefs Émile Durkheim placed himself in the positivistRead MoreJohn the Baptist5770 Words   |  24 PagesLevite by genealogy. Life as a Priest John the Baptist was a Levite, but he was also given the distinct responsibility of priesthood. Even though he did not fulfill all of his priestly duties, John was preordained for this occupation through traditional lineage. Priests had specific responsibilities outside of the customary requirements of the Levites; they were in charge of guarding the interior of the temple from any intruders trying to enter. All priests came from the line of Aaron; thisRead MoreModern History.Hsc.2012 Essay25799 Words   |  104 Pagesindustrailaisation...also industrailisation in the 1930s was driven by the governemnt The influence of conservatism in the 1930s – an incomplete scaffold; more detail needed; but probably enough to write a paragraph or two in an essay on conservatism in the period 1919-1941. Conservatism became much less influential in the 1930s than it had been in the 1920s. Since many of the causes of the Depression were linked to conservative policies / philosophies, many conservative points of view lost credibilityRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pagesthe manuscript left for the production process. We have tried to keep all cases as current as possible by using Postscripts, Later Developments, and Updates. A number of you have asked that I identify which cases would be appropriate for the traditional coverage of topics as organized in typical marketing texts. With most cases it is not possible to truly compartmentalize the mistake or success to merely one topic. The patterns of success or failure tend to be more pervasive. Still, I thinkRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagesopening decades of the twentieth century and a major break from the prevailing dynamics of the cold war. In addition to the problems posed for conceptualizing the twentieth century as a discrete era of world history due to overlap with the preceding period and disconcertingly radical shifts in the course of global development in the 1900s, contradictory forces and trends, which perhaps more than any other attribute distinguish this turbulent phase of the human experience, render it impervious to

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Engelsk1 - 726 Words

Child raising Engelsk 1 1) The first texts is about a very strict Chinese mother of her 18-year-old girl. The essay is written by the mother’s 18-year old daughter because her mother published an essay called â€Å"Battel Hymn of the Tiger Mother†. This essay got many negative responses from the readers and the daughter explains her childhood for the readers of â€Å"The Wall Street Journal†. In the essay Sofia, the daughter of the Tiger Mother, tells about how her strict mother handled her as a child and â€Å"how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids†. This Chinese mother raised Sophia this way; if Sophia didn’t do her best her mother would say it to her. As an example, Sophia writes in the text that once she gave her†¦show more content†¦He prove a point by saying that school, parents and society wants to create these perfect wonder-kids, but not every child fit insides this box of school and perfection. He think that children should be allowed to play, have fun and create the person they want to be. 2) In the third texts, Neill tells the readers how the importins of learning isn’t for everyone. He is given the reader an example on this when he tells about a ballet boy. This boy is very talented, but in school, not so much. Neill explains in the texts that he think learning should come after playing, he make the reader understand that you don’t haft to be smart to prove a point or make your dreams come true in this world. Neill uses a lot of â€Å"we† he talks with the readers, not to the readers. He appeals to logos which you can see when he talks about the ballet boy. 3) I would say I agree with A.S. Neill. I think that children should be allowed to have fun, of course, kids should have some responsibility but you are only a kid once and that time never comes back. Many children these days are buried to their neck in homework, chores and parents blowing in the back of their heads with expectations and rules. I have always been one of the outdoor kids. Always hated school and the teacher who made me sit still. The only thing I looked forward to in school was the breaks, which always seemed to short. So many kids walk to school every day, feeling their life are passing by and they can’t

Education of the Henry Adams Free Essays

â€Å"The Education of the Henry Adams† reviews Adams’ and the United States’s education and growth during the 19th century. Adams was an old man who had Puritan beliefs about sex and religion. In this autobiography, Adams voices his skepticism about man’s newfound power to control the direction of history, in particular, the exploding world of science and technology, where all certainties of the future have vanished (anb. We will write a custom essay sample on Education of the Henry Adams or any similar topic only for you Order Now org, 1). Adams grew up in the United Stated where he was a Puritan. Puritans believed that sex (women especially) was just a form of fertility and reproduction; otherwise â€Å"sex was a sin† (Adams, 384). â€Å"American art, like the American language and American education, was as far as possible sexless† (Adams, 385). The only sculptures and paintings of women that Adams viewed with understanding were those like the Virgin Mary, who was always seen as non-sexual. For example, â€Å"America was ashamed of her†¦have strewn fig-leaves so profusely all over her† (Adams, 384). However, during this time of the technology revolution, women were beginning to be viewed differently, especially in Europe. Women were viewed as beautiful and mortal beings. People such as Rodin were representing women in paintings and sculptures sexually. Sex was becoming something more than just a means of reproduction. Suddenly Adams was far, far away from his Puritan custom-bound life. People were no longer motivated by religion, being saved by God, and going to heaven; science, technology, money, and power had taken over the drives of man. Religion (a common â€Å"scale† of the past) had taken the backseat to science, technology, money, power, and the new ideas and art of sex (all new â€Å"scales† of the present and the future). â€Å"In opposition to the medieval Virgin, Adams saw a new godhead-the dynamo-symbol of the modern history†s anarchic energies† (, 1). Adams desperately wanted to learn about the new world of technology, the â€Å"dynamos†, yet he felt helpless to find this new knowledge and to comprehend it. Adams was overwhelmed by the technology of the dynamos. When Adams saw the dynamo, it became a symbol of the future, of infinity (Adams, 380). â€Å"He began to feel the forty-foot dynamos as a moral force, much as early Christians felt the cross† (Adams, 380). Like the changes in art and sexuality, the technology was overtaking religion. The dynamo, to Adams, has become a symbol of the unknown, of the future without God and religion. This was Adams†s greatest uncertainty; going against all of his past and beliefs and moving on into the unpredictable future. How to cite Education of the Henry Adams, Papers

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Marketing and Product free essay sample

Dexit Inc. is a business that focuses on electronic payment systems for retail transactions. The nature of the business would start with purchases and tinkle down to petty cash purchases, pre paid purchases, and electronic purchases (Exhibit 1) . The Dexit platforms run on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Consumers would use their â€Å"tags† at a retailer store’s terminal. This terminal is linked to Dexit’s server which would be able to read the â€Å"tag†. From here the server will be able to go into the consumer’s prepaid account, which would limit the consumer’s sending to the amount within the account. Even with this broad industry we have are branding themselves as an exclusive e-payment company. The core product for Dexit is convenience for their consumer’s. The actual products are the Dexit tags and Dexit terminals. The two products support one another because without one the other product will not function. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing and Product or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The augmented product would be the potential retail stores that would use the terminals. The augmented product extends the core product in terms of convenience because of accessibility of the tags. Objectives Dexit Inc. Wants to focus on their company image of being a quick and simple e-payment system for both consumers and merchants. That being said, Dexit Inc. main objective is to market their product and actual become a dominant electronic payment company. For us to achieve this objective we would need to view their marketing mix and make decision that would obtain the highest yield. There were attempts of other companies to test out the small purchase tag system. Both of these attempts failed and stopped the program. Furthermore Dexit Inc. wishes to obtain a six per cent of the market within the low-cash value payment industry. From here Dexit wishes to expand the market and want to grow their share to 50 per cent in 4 years. Dexit is expecting that the low value transactions in Canada would grow six per cent on an annual basis. Problem Statement Like mentioned earlier, the main problem for Dexit Inc and their products are to market them to both the consumer’s and merchant segments. This problem can be broken into different part which includes: Price, Promotion, Market, Product, and Place (Distribution). Price With the price section for the problem, we have to decide what we should charge to their consumer and merchant, if there is any. If we opt into charging our consumers and/merchants we would need to decide on how to charge them. The options for us are to charge their consumers a monthly fee, charge the consumers for a set number of transactions, charge their consumers on a per transaction basis, or Dexit can charge a combination of the choice above. For the merchant segment, Dexit can charge a monthly fee or charge merchants per transaction basis. Promotion Market Dexit has to create essentially a target market for both their consumer market and merchant segments. For their consumer market, Dexit has to decide on whether they should segment on a geographic, attitude, work and life styles, income levels or a combination of them. On top of this Dexit has to decide to use either a pull or push strategy for their promotion for our products. We also must consider different stream to promote our product. The streams we considered were: sales promotion, direct marketing and traditional advertising. Under the advertising stream the option we have would be: radio, newspaper, magazines, televisions, billboard, backlit poster boards and portable kiosks. For their merchant segment, we would have to make the choice on which retailers to target. Product Renah and our team are confident with the decision to use RFID technology for the Dexit platform. Renah was wondering if the key chain tag and the terminal was the best system. Renah is concerned if we should implement a card system would be more accepted. Place/Distribution On top of the other issues, we have to also decide on the location in where they will launch our product. This decision can be broken down to either a nationally level or just be subjected to Ontario. If we go with the option of launching this product in Ontario we would have to look at popular areas, i. e. Toronto. To add on we have to decide how to get the tag we manufacture to our consumers. From here we find that Dexit really need to work out a marketing mix that would let us reach our objectives. Internal Analysis When assessing the internal aspects of our company we have to compare the strengths that Dexit possess and the weaknesses. To start off, our product’s offers a simple and quick service for people â€Å"on the go†. So long as there is money on their Dexit account consumer’s can enjoy this feature. Even with the speed of the Dexit tags it is still secure because the tag and terminals will be communicating with the Dexit Servers. Furthermore from the initial stages of the product development to now the company was able to attract two major banks as well as TELUS Mobility. This means we have a strong relationship in terms of distribution of our product. Weaknesses for Dexit would be that they have not created a marketing mix and do not have a target audience we want to market to. This is a huge downfall because we have a product that could be used but do not know where to go from there. External Analysis When assessing the external environment we have to compare the opportunities we have and also the threat that might happen to us. Opportunities for us are that we could potential tap into a growing and more accepting market of direct payments. Because the intent of the tag is for low value purchases it help when we see that the national average value of debit transaction going down. This implies that people are making more purchases but the values of those purchases are low-value. The threats section of this analysis would be hard to analyze because the product has not been released yet. Other companies have created a similar system in which individual can use a prepaid account to make low value purchases. The problem/threat here is that those competitors have failed or canceled the program. PESTE Under this style of analysis we can look at the external factors that would affect our product. To begin with there would be no political regulations to limit our product. This would be a current analysis, and when our product does become successful there would be implementation on our people could load money onto their account. Current economic trends indicate that  consumers are making purchasing more with their debit cards as means for direct payment. The interesting fact is that the average value of each purchase on a national level is decreasing as the years progress. For the social aspect we have different mean to market our product and have access to many multimedia platforms. The technology that we use for our products has been used before in the past by other companies. This technology offers the most secure way for individuals who want to pay for their purchases quickly. The external environment would be related towards the economic trends of direct payment of debit cards. Because the numbers of transactions are increasing on a yearly basis and the amount of the average transaction is decreasing, it indicates that consumers would enjoy this product. Alternatives To mention again, Dexit main objective is to penetrate the market and be able to hit that sic per cent market share by 2003. In order to do we have look at all the options and look at the entire positive and negative aspects of each option. The best way to demonstrate the positive and negative aspects of each option is the break them into each portion for the marketing mix. Market We have to decide on the consumer basis how we should segment this market. The options we have to segment on the basis of: geographic, attitudes, work and lifestyle, and income levels. In order to reach the objective of six percent of the market share we would want to have a good start. Under a geographic approach we can see which province would yield the best results. From the debit direct payment table we can see that from the ten provinces we see that Ontario has the highest payment of 6,551,298 in 2001. From 1999 Ontario increased their direct debit payment by approximately 13 per cent over the two years. Even with the highest number of debit direct payment the province that has the highest overall increase in payment is Newfoundland with and overall change of approximately 17 per cent. We have two choices and currently with Ontario have the highest number of debit payment and Newfoundland having the highest overall change within the years of 1999 to 2001. If we go with the geographic area of Ontario on the basis of having a higher number of debit payment we can penetrate the market and gain a high market influence. That being said we have to also consider that these debit payment can be for large purchases. Dexit’s products are intended for the low-value purchases and are supposed to be used for quick and simple purchases. If majority of the transaction are higher value then the product will not do so well and will receive negative reviews. For Newfoundland we can see that debit direct payments are increase. This means that the community is adjusting to the new technology and it is gaining awareness. This is a positive aspect because if we implement our product earlier on while the market is growing we can gain awareness and it is more likely to hit our objective. The problem is the number of transactions and our first objective. With number of transaction for debit direct payment is 250,010 it would be hard for use to gain a six per cent market share. As the market is growing it is likely we would obtain the 50 per cent market share by 2007. On a national level we can see that Canada as a whole is accepting the debit direct payment. The overall change is approximately 12. 5 per cent from 1999 to 2001. On top of this the total number of debit direct payment has reached 17,635,731. If we go for the national level for our product we have better exposure for our product. The same problem occurs when compared to the other geographic location; we don’t know how big these purchases are. If majority are large value purchases, the consumers would want to take their time when paying for it. It basically contradicts what the product intended use is. Under the attitudes demographic it would hard to single it out and get enough information about this segment. We would have to tie this with the market segment and look at what the trends are on both a national and provincial level. On the national level we see that the market is more willing/accepting with the debit direct payments. Overall each province is increasing the number of direct debit payment. So even on a provincial level we know that the province is accepting. Again we have to reflect on how big these purchases are. If most of the payments are high value payment then Dexit’s product isn’t going to do well. The work and lifestyle segment is more appealing to Dexit as a market segment because it is geared toward the features of the product. If the lifestyle of our consumers is always on the run then our product is perfect. With the quick and easy use of just tapping the tag on the terminal the consumer can leave in seconds. And as the economy is growing the working industry is getting bigger. With limited time for breaks, consumers want to make their purchases and move on with their day. The negative side of this is that consumers have to have time to add funds to their Dexit account. Dexit’s product should not be affected with the income levels of the consumer’s heavily. This is because the consumer’s have the power to add as much as they need onto their Dexit prepaid account. The only aspect that would affect this segment is the fee that we could charge. If we go for a charge for the account then it would turn down some consumer’s. Promotion The current options for the promotion is to use wither a pull or push strategy. This would be in regards how we would promote our product. The streams we can go for include: radio, newspaper, magazines, television, billboard, backlit posters, and portable kiosks. Looking at the overall strategy we have to compare where the company is and which strategy would be in the best interest for us. Using a push strategy we would be forcing the consumers to get interested into our product. This would be in terms of guerilla marketing and basically surrounding the consumer with our product. With the pull strategy we would be showing the key features of our products that would appeal toward the consumers. Rather than forcing our product we would be creating an interest within the market. With the radio aspect we can appeal to a lot of consumer that would fall into the lifestyle segment. The radio advertisement would run for 30 seconds and be during the rush hour time slot. The costs of the radio advertisement are subjected by city. For Toronto it would cost $250, Montreal is for $175 and finally Vancouver is for $175 as well. With the cost being low and market exposure at the greatest this is the best for our product. During rush hour we can appeal to the work and lifestyle segment. Consumers who are busy most of the time will be hard to advertise to; with the radio ad we would be able to get our information of our product out. The concern here is that the radio ad would be appealing towards individual who listen to the radio (i. e. within a car or have a radio). On top of this rush hour can cause stress for individual and might not pay attention to the radio advertisement. The next alternative for the promotional aspect are newspaper. This advertisement would be half a page long. The cost for this would be $15 000, $7 500, and $15 000 for Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver respectively. These costs are very high but again we would be applying toward very popular newspapers. The positive aspects of this option would be that Dexit would be gaining a lot of market exposure because the newspapers’ we are applying for are very well known. Because of this is has a negative aspect as well because of the cost associated to the prestige of the newspaper. The same positive and negative aspect would also apply to magazines as well. The only additional negative aspect is that the magazine would be geared towards only certain people who subscribe with that magazine. The next option would be to air an ad under a local television channel. The television ad would run for 30 seconds and would air around a prime time spot. With this we would be able to appeal to the mass majority of people who would view the local channel. The bonus is that the ad would also run on prime time so we know that many individual would be watching. The negative aspect for this ad is the cost. Dexit is low on cash and needs to put this money in the best way possible to market the product. Because of this the cost associated with this option is rather expensive. Current cost would be $15 000, $10 000, $12 000 for Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver respectively. The next option is to use poster around various locations. We have two options in where one option would give us 60 sites/locations while the other would give 8 locations where we can post the posters. Both options would be for the duration of 1 week. For the subway poster the cost would be $5,300 for all three locations. The subway poster would give us the best market exposure because of the multiple sites and the duration of the ad. For street posters we might not get the numerous location but we compensate it for the high volume. The cost for the subway options would be $4,000 for the duration of a week as well. Finally the last option is to promote using kiosks in which we have the option for either an indoor kiosk or an outdoor kiosk. The main difference between the two options is the rent in which the indoor option would cost us $5,000 while $10,000 for the outdoor option. The cost for employing 2 staff would be the same of $2,000. The positive side of these options is that the staff would be trained in how to sell the product. For the indoor option it is assumed that we would be in malls which would have high traffic. Outdoor exposure would be a little harder because most of the traffic would be hard to grab their attention. Place/Distribution Under this aspect we have to see where to launch the product, whether it is on a national, provincial, or municipal level. Going back to the demographics on how the attitudes on using a direct debit payment we can see the same trends apply here as well. We can use the same numbers and get the same analysis from our market section. We see that people are using this method of direct payment. Ontario has the highest number of payment while Newfoundland has the highest change in percentage. Again we have to look at what kind of spending for these payments are dominant. Price Under the price category we need to view on how we (if we) charge our consumers and retailers. The options laid out for consumers are that we charge them for a preset number of transactions, charge them a monthly rate, charge the consumers for each transaction, make a combination of the above or do not charge them. For the merchants the same options except for the preset number of transactions. Under the consumers section of this category any charge would be view negatively. This is because they would need to pay for the service of cutting the wait time when they could use a debit/credit card for just a few more seconds. Because the structure is using a prepaid system there would only be the marginal benefit of the quick access. This would apply for any option of charging the consumer. The merchant on the other hand is the one who should receive the charge because the prepaid system is similar to debit and credit cards. The monthly fee would entail a benefit for the retailers because they will not getting charged on a per transaction use. For the bigger retailers that have many transactions this would become cost efficient. On the other hand, the smaller retailers would want to go for the number of transactions because it would cost them less. This option would really depend on the number of transactions the retailer does. And can reflect on how many retailers would want our terminals. Product In addition to the tag system that Dexit implemented we would also like to consider a card like system as well. The main concern was the safety/security of the tag system. Because there is no PIN required, anyone can steal the tag and use it with any machines. On top of this, because the system uses a prepaid structure the consumer is putting their own money into the account. If we go and add the card system along with the tag it affects the image of the company. The whole reason Dexit initiated was because we wanted a quick and easy way to do low level purchases. With a card system being introduced it takes away from the company image of being quick and easy. On the flip side we want do not want to compensate security for quick purchases and introducing a card system would invite consumer to test us out. Even looking at each option individually, Dexit still needs to look at marketing mix options. The first option would include targeting consumer on a geographic basis so that we can go after either a) the province with the highest number of transaction or b) the province with the highest percentage change. Depending on which section Dexit choose it would create a different promotional ad. Under section a) Dexit would want to use a pull strategy so that they create a need for the product. For that reason, the best option would be to use guerilla marketing and go for the local television and subway posters. This would be able to get the mass majority of people Dexit wishes to target. For section b) the promotion would be changed to kiosks and posters, this is because the idea of direct payment is still earlier and with the kiosk we can create more awareness of our product so it is more accepting later on. For both options we would charge the retailers a monthly rate much like debit and credit card companies. On top of this we could go after a national level or provincial level depending on which section we go with. We would still stick with the current tag and terminal system. The second option would be focuses on the work and lifestyle of the consumers. Under this option the promotional ads changes to one with radio and local television. This is because for the market we are targeting are individuals who are busy and on the go. As such they will not have time to look at posters or stop by kiosks. We can implement the other promotional ads later on during the product life cycle. We would go after a push strategy and get retailer to move the products towards the consumers. Initially we would not charge either the consumers or retailers because we want to create awareness of the product. Later on we can charge the retailers a monthly rate. This option we would want to keep the current product because of the busy schedule of our consumers. With the tag system we can give consumers the quick service they want. We would want to apply this marketing mix toward a highly dense city and in this case it would be Toronto because of all the provinces Ontario has the highest number of transaction of debit direct payments. On top of this the advertisement we chose pertain to the Toronto city. The third marketing mix would be going after the attitude of consumers towards the security of the tag system. As a result the product we want to release would be the card system. From previous companies releasing the similar system it seems that the industry is not ready for the tag system. With the card system being implemented it gives consumers more security but as a result it takes away from the quick and easy feature that the company is trying to strive for. Recommendation Upon analysis of the alternative the best marketing mix would be to go after the work and lifestyle marketing mix. This is because it appeals towards the company image of quick and easy purchases. Because of the busy schedule of our target market we would promote using radio and television ads. This is because the only time these consumers have would be either at home watching television or during rush hour listening to the radio. On top of this we would implement a push strategy and get the retailer to push the product. As a result we would not charge the retailers initially because we want them to promote the product. Once the product pickups we can then start charging a monthly rate. We would benchmark our price lower then debit and credit cards so more retailers would want our terminals. We would want to go for Ontario as the place of distribution because of the high number direct payments. The reason we went with this option is because the high number transaction would have a greater chance for the first objective of six per cent. As a contingency plan if the market doesn’t respond well with the tag system we would start the card system. This would give the market the idea that Dexit is concerned about security and still want to promote fast service.

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Solidarity and purposefulness Essays

Solidarity and purposefulness Essays Solidarity and purposefulness Paper Solidarity and purposefulness Paper The play I am studying is called The Inspector Calls. In this essay I will assess the dramatic impact of the inspector in the play with reference to one other character in the play.  The Inspector Calls was written in 1945 but set in 1912. This means that the audience has insight into the future. For example when Mr Birling states The Titanic-she sails this week-forty-six thousand eight hundred tons-forty six thousand eight hundred tons- New York in five days-and every luxury-and unsinkable. In this situation the audience would be feeling rather smug because they know that the Titanic does sink. Priestly was aiming to show that everybody in the society should be responsible for their own actions instead of just thinking of themselves. He also shows that people should be treated with the same respect whoever they are. Lastly Priestly tries to make people think about their place in society and the effects of their actions. This is revealed as Priestly takes each character in turn and explains to them and the family how their actions have affected Eva Smith. Before the Inspector arrived the well off family, The Birlings, who wrongly believe they are better than other families, were having a party to celebrate their daughter Sheilas engagement to a man called Gerald Croft who was also very well off. Everyone appeared extremely happy and all of them friendly to each other like a family. Then the Inspector entered. The lighting changes from pink and intimate to brighter and harder. The effect of this is that the audience becomes aware that a more sinister atmosphere is approaching and also increases the temper and emotions in the characters. Also making the play more watch able for the audience. The Inspector immediately quietens the atmosphere. By doing this he makes the mood of the celebration tense. He does this by singling out one person personally and asking the questions he imposed specifically to them. He is described as a not very big man. However he also states that he creates a massiveness, solidarity and purposefulness. Priestly also describes him by saying that he speaks carefully, weightily and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresss before speaking. There is an air of menace about him, unlike the other characters in the play. He is single minded in pursuing his chosen line of investigation. He is so certain about his facts that he unsettles the audience because they can tell that there is something strange about him. When the Inspector is around nobody challenges his version of events. This is because he speaks with a lot of authority so nobody questions him and immediately thinks he is right. However the other characters question these facts after he has left. The Inspector is extremely confident when speaking. This conveys to the audience that he is more powerful than the other people in the house. Furthermore it makes him seem strange and suspicious to the audience. This is because he seems to know everything the family is going to say before they say it. Also, he does not really uncover the truth, he already knows it. He only uncovers it for the characters benefit. This makes him not like a real police inspector because they uncover the truth creating tension. The Inspector acts like a narrator in the play. He tells the story at his own pace. The Inspector links separate incidents into one coherent life story. He often supplies dates or fills in back ground. This adds to the tension because the audience does not know where and from whom the Inspector got the dates and the character background information. He undermines that the characters complacent assumption that they are decent citizens. Each character finds this a devastating experience. The characters that resist telling the Inspector the truth suffer more than people who are open with him. For example the Inspector says to Gerald . if youre easy with me, Im easy with you. He makes no judgement upon Gerald and also tries to stop Sheila from blaming herself too much. However he begins to loose patience with Mr Birling. For instance Dont stammer and yammer at me again, man. Im losing patience with you people He is an enigmatic figure. We never learn his first name causing the audience to wonder who he really is. He neither changes nor develops, but frequently repeats, I havent much time. This creates tension because the audience do not know why he has so little time. Inspector Gooles name is a pun on ghoul a malevolent spirit or ghost. He could be seen as some kind of spirit, sent on behalf of the dead girl to torment the consciences of the characters in the play, or as a sort of policeman conducting an inquiry as a preliminary to the Day of Judgement, or even as a for warming of things to come. This adds to the tension because the audience does not know who the Inspector is. Priestly did not want to tell the audience who the Inspector really is. To reveal his identity as a hoaxer or some kind of spirit would have spoilt the unresolved tension that is so effective at the end of the play. The Inspector behaves as the voice of social conscience. For example You see, we have to share something. If theres nothing else, well have to share our guilt. He is a socialist meaning that he believes that everyone should share. The character I am studying is called Eric and he is Mr Birlings son. Eric is characterised as half shy, half assertive. At the beginning of the play he did not know what his parents were really like and at the end of the play he did not like their real personalities. He conveys the difference between young men and older men. This is shown when Eric does not catch onto the jokes Mr Birling and Gerald share. For example in Act one when the Inspector rings the doorbell, Gerald and Mr Birling shares a joke and Eric says, Here what do you mean? and when he realises it was a joke he says Well, I dont think its very funny. This shows the difference in age between the three and also makes Eric seem very young like hes being treated like a young child. When Eric says Here, what. he does not share the joke again between Mr Birling and Gerald. He attracts attention, and then suspicion, by his evident alarm at the news of the Inspectors visit. This makes the audience think that Eric could be hiding something. Eric arouses curiosity with his sudden guffaw in Act one. This may mean that Eric knows something about Gerald that the others do not because Sheila has just been scolding Gerald for not seeing her over the summer because of his work.

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5 Words Caught in Semantic Drift

5 Words Caught in Semantic Drift 5 Words Caught in Semantic Drift 5 Words Caught in Semantic Drift By Mark Nichol Is it possible to simultaneously admire the vibrancy and flexibility of the English language and grumble about shifts in meaning that deprive the language of some of its richness? I know it is, because I often do so. Because of the organic nature of language, English is a victim of semantic drift not as cataclysmic as continental drift, but detectable on the rigor scale and I regret the loss of the far-flung flotsam. Semantic drift is the evolution that occurs in the meaning of some words when careless, ignorant usage alters or even reverses their senses. Such change is inevitable, but allow me to mourn the loss of a word here and there, never again to be applicable to an idea or image with such crisp clarity. Here are five terms tainted by semantic drift: 1. Aggravate The essence of aggravate is right there in the middle: grav-, the root of gravity and grave (as in â€Å"serious†; the word for the resting place of a coffin has a different etymological origin). The Latin word gravis means â€Å"heavy,† and aggravate originally literally means â€Å"to make heavy†; the original sense was â€Å"to make worse.† But almost immediately and naturally, because a burden is irritating it acquired the additional sense of â€Å"exasperate.† Use of that meaning now predominates. Wordsmith H. W. Fowler proclaimed that â€Å"to make worse† is the only correct sense of aggravate; he was undoubtedly irritated (not aggravated) to know that popular usage defied his decree. 2. Bemused The root of this word, muse, means â€Å"to think or ponder,† but it has an amusing origin; it is from a Latinate term for â€Å"snout† and became associated with cogitation from the image of lifting one’s nose in the air, perhaps to sniff a scent and consider its source. (It is apparently unrelated to, though influenced by, muse, meaning â€Å"to think,† from the name of the Muses, the Greek goddesses of the arts and sciences; this is also the origin of museum and music.) Bemused (â€Å"confused†) is often confused for amused (â€Å"comically entertained†) because of their original similarity of meaning: Bemused literally means â€Å"thoroughly thinking,† suggesting being confused by thinking too much, whereas the literal meaning of amused is â€Å"without thought,† with the connotation of being diverted from thinking by some lighthearted entertainment. However, bemusement is serious business. 3. Nonplussed This word, taken literally from the Latin words for no and more, originally was used in the noun form to describe a point from which one could not continue because one was perplexed. For five hundred years, that’s what the word meant. But at some point during the twentieth century, people inexplicably began to assume that it refers to the opposite state, that of being unfazed (not unphased!) or at ease, as if being plussed were a state of bewilderment and nonplussed therefore means â€Å"not bewildered.† The antonymic meaning soon went viral, and now one is likely to be unclear about which meaning a speaker or writer has in mind. When that happens, perhaps it’s best to retire a word altogether and fortunately in this case, at least bewildered and perplexed persist (for now) with unequivocal synonymic meaning. 4. Nostalgia This battle was lost long ago, but the case study is interesting. Nostalgia was coined (from the first part of the Greek word for â€Å"homecoming† and the Latin suffix -algia itself originally from Greek and meaning â€Å"pain†) in the late 1600s to refer to the literal affliction of homesickness. For two centuries, nostalgia was treated as a serious ailment suffered by soldiers and others who suffered ailments caused by a melancholic longing for home. That clinical sense itself wasted away, and though nostalgia continued to refer to homesickness, that meaning was overtaken by the idea of a sentimental yearning for a lost state or condition, usually temporally rather than spatially irrevocable. However, I’m nostalgic about the lost meaning. 5. Voluptuous For hundreds of years, voluptuous meant â€Å"luxurious, pleasure seeking, devoted to sensual gratification† (the Latin root is voluptas, meaning â€Å"pleasure†), but back in the early 1800s, the word came to be associated primarily with female beauty, and later the primary sense shifted to that of curvaceousness. Here are some other words that have been affected by semantic drift. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Rhetorical Devices for Rational WritingConfusing "Passed" with "Past"May Have vs. Might Have

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What you want Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

What you want - Essay Example Through this paper, I will share my life experience from my own perspective of being in a country that has a mixture foreign students and professionals from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. This will be done in relation to the concepts highlighted in The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery by Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz and Janet Mills. Humans are unique basing on how they were brought up, cultural background, religion, education level and a myriad of many other factors. However, we are all humans and our brothers’ keepers. I have previously been both hurt and encouraged by the words of others towards me and also hurt others by my words towards them. This has a direct bearing with the book The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery. In their first agreement, Ruiz, Ruiz and Mills (38) urge readers to be impeccable with their word. On the contrary, I have seen students from my years in schools and employees in my professional career suffer emotionally and psychologically from what a colleague said recklessly. This was mainly through stereotypes that people have against different cultures, ethnicities or even races. This remains a major problem both among individuals and societies because they do not want to seek out the truth first before openly airing their views but rather, only rely on age-old s tereotypes. While The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery teaches that people should speak with integrity and only say what they mean, the opposite is being done. I now realize that the perpetrators should have taken their time to learn more about their targets. This will contribute in mutual social cohesion and avoid hurting others. For example, I was once told in school that I was not fit to sit at a certain table in the cafeteria because of my ethnicity, yet it was the only one with space and I ended up eating standing.